Martela promotes enjoyable work, wellbeing and productivity.
We design and produce inspiring workplaces and learning environments where even Mondays are a joy. A well-functioning workplace and learning environment is built based on needs and tasks. Instead of just one workstation each, we offer employees and students several custom-made spaces for different requirements: collaboration, concentration, interaction and recreation.

A family business that looks into the future

Martela is a family business founded in 1945.
Over the decades we have undergone a transformation from being a furniture manufacturer to becoming a pioneer in user-driven workplaces and learning environments. As well as timeless, high-quality furniture, we also offer an extensive range of services.

The environment, responsibility and sustainable choices are at the heart of what we do. Our perspective is a generation, not a quarter. Our durable and timeless products are built to last from user to user.

A woman sitting at a desk
Office equipment

Work and learning are changing

The ways of working and learning are being transformed through technological innovations.
As remote working and studying become more common, the value of physical encounters is emphasised.

During a day at the office people keep moving from one space to another. Meetings become smaller and shorter, online meetings become more common. This also leads to an increased need for concentration and recovery.

A well-designed workplace and learning environment supports different ways of working and strengthens the desired approaches. The Martela strategy is based on a strong understanding of the problematic areas, requirements and trends in workplaces and learning environments.

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Sola Beam chair

Comprehensive service covering the full lifecycle

Users must be able to adapt workplaces and learning environments to needs that are changing at an increasing speed. This requires the ability to monitor the user numbers and ways of using the spaces, and to understand the users’ needs. Smart information systems enable optimisation through data collected in the spaces.

The Martela Lifecycle® services are tailored to each customer’s needs. The range of services covers the entire lifecycle of workplaces, from outlining requirements to design, furnishing and continuous optimisation. A comprehensive service which covers all stages helps us ensure that the facilities are always fit for purpose and cost-effective, and to act in a responsible way which preserves the environment. 

Our values are everywhere

Respect and trust for one another are at the heart of our culture. Diversity and learning from one another are our strengths. Together we will succeed and make it happen.


Visionary thinking has always driven us forward. It inspires us to be curious and innovative. We are the forerunner in creating better working and learning environments.


Listening is the key to understanding our customers’ needs. Our solutions are built on data and customer insights. This is how we make the difference and create a world-class customer experience.


We are committed to sustainability in everything we do. Our solutions support ecological choices and the circular economy. Together we will create a brighter future.

Martela is a family business founded in 1945. We design and manufacture user-driven workplaces and learning environments where different kinds of spaces support individual ways of working and learning. We believe that an inspiring environment increases the joy of work, comfort, wellbeing and productivity.
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